Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Cell Phones

Sorry for the delay in posting but August was a bit nuts and between mom being in the hospital and me dropping a ladder on my foot I have spent more time in hospitals and clinics that I can shake a stick at. Mom is now home and I am still hobbling around but time heals all.

Now for the goodies. Anyone looking at a new phone should hold off for a bit. There are some great phones coming down the pipe from HTC and Sony. So if you are an Apple fanboy don't bother reading any further because I am no fan of the Iphone. Nice phone if you don't mind being spoonfed media and apps all at a cost.

From HTC there is the Touch Diamond. Great phone, here is the link from Giz

Then there is the HTC Touch Pro which I like even more because it has a 5 line qwery keyboard

Then HTC released info on another new one that will replace the original Touch. It's called the Opal, nice but no 3G and same slow processor

Then yesterday HTC got the howard forums in an uproar when they released info on the newest smartphone, the Touch HD. Huge screen and at 800/480 double the resolution of the Iphone :-)

Sony has also come out with a winner if you don't need a smartphone running Winmo. The Xperia X1. Great screen and new and innovative UI.

These will all be coming out in Europe first of course and then the states and then Canada last of course. Watch Gizmodo for updates on release dates for your carrier.

Now if we can just get the carriers to offer decent packages to go with these great phones we will all be happy.

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