Monday, September 22, 2008

US Election Votes

I can't believe that this is still not fixed. After 8 years since the voting screwup in Florida and they still can't come up with a system that will work. The new voting machines that were built in response to that mess are a disaster. Check out the link.

If you google these things or search techdirt you will find lots of articles on the companies that make these machines. The worst was the fact that this company sued another company who's job it was to test the machines to make sure that they worked as advertised. The reviewing company found serious problems and when they tried to release their report they were sued and gagged.

The US - the bastion of democracy, :-}~~~~~

I feel bad for the people who just want to vote and have their say. They wonder why their turnouts are so low. People think that their votes don't count or will get screwed up so they think why bother.

8 years and they have not fixed the problem because they don't want to fix it. Our last municipal election here in Ontario used a new ballet that you filled out and then was scanned into the system. You got to see that the scan was good and the results were in 5 minutes after the polls closed. Worked great.

I bet that the company building the new evoting machines have friends in the Republican party.

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