Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well history was made last week. The reaction of the American people was a pleasant surprise. They were happy and peaceful. I, along with a lot of other people wish him luck. Unfortunately he is going to need it. The states is in a mess and he is being handed it on a platter. Two wars, economy in the tank, jobs, banks, crooks (oops I repeated myself there)

I think he can do it but it will take all of his first term to get it done if then. If he can pull it off he will get a second term np.

His choice of staff will make a big difference on how well he will do and his first appointment of Rahm Emanuel is a hot one. A pit bull that will keep everyone in line including the Democrats in congress and the senate who think that because they have everything in control it is a blank check to pork barrel heaven.

Now if he can do the same for the Sec of the Treasury and kick the banks in the ass, he will win great favour with the American people. If there is one group that is universally hated now it is the fat cats on wall street. Any measures to curb their excesses will win him points with everyone. (except those fat cats)

I think that the thing I like the most is the fact that he never said he was going to do anything. It was always "We". That's why his "Yes we can" was so well embraced and repeated. It made the American people think that they can overcome the current problems and they can live their dreams.

Good luck and congratulations President Obama

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