Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Iphone in Canada

Apple has a nice product that either you love or hate. Just like Apple vs Microsoft. The Iphone is a great phone but a huge data hog. Of course Apple wants it that way so they can shovel all those adds to you while you are browsing or reading feeds or emails. Problem is that all that data on a mobile device costs big bucks. Now when Apple released the Iphone last year in the states they held a big stick over AT&T and "convinced" them to come up with a great data plan to go along with the Iphone. It was the only way that AT&T got the hardware as an exclusive.

One year later and the Iphone comes to Canada via Rogers. Now Rogers was never known for being generous to their users on their contracts for minutes or data. Everyone was waiting for the news on how much they were going to charge for the package and now the word is out. OUCH!!! 3 year contracts and 70 to 115 bucks for up to 2gb of data. Now Rogers says that it enough for over 1,000,000 text emails. Note the word text. most people get their emails in html format which take much more data. Also everyone knows that Apple is pushing the video capabilities of the Iphone so watching youtube and tv shows on the unit will gobble up data at a huge rate.

Needless to say the people in the know like at the Howard forums, are not surprised at the plans that have been announced.

The rest of the poor unsuspecting public that were waiting and drooling for the new phone are howling in anger. Articles on blogs like and web sites like are popping up all over and some like the above web site are targeting Steve Jobs for help with what they see is a raw deal to get his new product.

So much hype and with this product well deserved, but a hefty price to pay to get it.

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