Monday, June 30, 2008

Senate passes anti-spanking bill

Here we go again. Our government and why the senate and not the house of commons I don't know passes another law to prevent parents from spanking their kids. I don't advocate child abuse but we have gone over the limit in limiting the parents ability to parent. I don't know how many times I have been in a mall with my girls and there is some kid screaming it's head off and there is the mother trying to get the kid out of there without touching it because she is scared that someone will call the cops and report her for abuse. My oldest daughter turned to me and said, "We never acted like that when we were small, did we?" The answer was no and before you rant that I beat my kids when they were young, I didn't. My daughter laughed and said that I just had to give her the "look" and they behaved.

I think I only had to spank either one of my girls once and only one crack on the arse was more of a shock to their ego than a pain in the butt. After that the "look" was all it took but I never had to give it that often. They were well behaved kids that knew that they didn't behave like barnyard animals in public. If they wanted something they asked and if I said no then no amount of whining or temper would make a difference.

I remember watching a teacher at daycare "talking" to her daughter who was about 2 at the time. She was doing the frying bacon on the floor and howling because she didn't want to get dressed. Her mother kept saying, "I'm not talking to you if you act like that". Well what was she doing, talking to the kid and getting nowhere.

When I was a kid I got the belt from my dad and I deserved it. When I went to school I got the strap a few times and of course I didn't think I deserved it. Kids in school behaved because you know that the strap was there. At first in the class and later in the VP's office. Now the school is handing out the 1-800 number for abuse and don't dare touch the kids or the parents will sue them. And we wonder why little Johnny is in a gang, doing b&e's and drugs.

Discipline has gone down the drain and the kids are ruling the schools. Then they get out in real life and end up in jail and can't figure out why or spend their life whining about how unfair everything is. The education system is going down the toilet because the teachers can't teach because kids are swearing in their class at them and if they don't do their work they have to pass them anyway. Then you wonder why universities have remedial English and math for first year students because they can't put a full sentence together.

A snack on the butt when they are 2 will be a lesson learned that will last a lifetime. The government is in our life enough as it is. Tell them to mind their own business until they can show us that they have their own house in better order than ours.

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