Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Drivers in a hurry to get nowhere

This is more a rant from my wife but I agree with her 100% The drivers in Windsor are nuts. Red lights mean very little and yellow lights just mean speed up. Stop signs are just for window dressing and I have already been rear ended once for stopping at a stop sign when the guy behind me just expected me to run right through like everyone else. Intersections are death traps that you enter at your own risk and green lights give you no safety at all. I have seen people that don't even try to slow down at yellow lights and blow through the intersection when the light has already gone red.

The newest craze is all about the construction on ECRow our local freeway. It is down to one lane in a lot of areas now and they have pylons up and signs warning people to merge right or left. Now there are a lot of people who after a few days move over to the right early but there are still lots who roar up the left lane until it is nearly gone and then try to cut in at the head of the line.

My wife's has seen things that I didn't know if I should laugh or go out and buy a Hummer no matter what the gas cost. She said that people in the main lane are now moving out and straddling both lanes to stop people from racing up the left lane to cut in. One day a truck moved out to stop someone from getting past everyone. The guy behind honked and yelled to no avail. The traffic stopped and the truck driver got out and came back to the car. The driver got out of the car and next thing they were pounding each other on the road. The wife called 911 and their only concern was if she saw any weapons. Good grief I guess they get so many calls like this they don't care unless someone is going to shoot someone. The other favourite trick of the road warriors was seen today on the freeway. Three cars moved out to block both lanes and a van who would have none of this drove right down into the grass in the median and roared ahead to pass them.

Of course these acts of stupidity get them a few cars ahead and then they still have to slow down in the single lane and don't get to where they are going any faster. Unfortunately the construction season is just getting underway and we can expect this until xmas. I can see it getting worse and road rage is going to hurt or kill someone. Where the hell are the cops. You think they would be out there watching especially in the morning and again in the later afternoon at rush hours. Unfortunately they are nowhere to be found at these busiest of times. Not that they are any great role models for driving. I pull up to a 4 way stop with a police car facing me. I stop and he rolls right through the intersection, sigh. The wife says she sees the same thing all the time.

They don't see stop signs either.

ps. If the city put in red light cameras they would have enough money in a year to build their own tunnelled road to the bridge and to hell with the province :-)

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