Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Iphone

My take on the Iphone. Nice hardware. Can't fault Steve Jobs and crew. They make good stuff and then turn their marketing department loose to create a frenzy to buy it. I'm not sure who is better, Steve or his marketers. The only problem is that Steve usually makes products that are so cutting edge that they are ahead of their time and the services that they run on can't handle them.

Thus the screaming in Canada over Rogers offering the Iphone and their packages to go along with it. Great hardware with shitty packages will cause pissed off people. The hype has been going for over a year while we in Canada waited for the hardware only to get screwed on the packages at the last minute. No wonder there are web sites with over 50,000 people signing up that want Roger's ass hanging from the flag pole.

The only happy people are Bell and Telus. Bell is offering the Samsung Instinct with an excellent plan in August and Telus has the Diamond and later Touch Pro which I want later this fall. Telus I am sure will offer the $15.00 unlimited package that they had last winter that was a great hit.

The Iphone might be the nicest phone out there for multimedia right now but there are others coming fast and people will not buy it if they think that they will get screwed at the end of the month on their bills. Just wait a few months and then we will see the articles about people with 500 to 1000 bills from Rogers.

If you are thinking about getting a new phone or your contract is coming due then do you research before you head to the store to buy new or renew. Visit the Howard Forums web site. Link at the right. The best source of info on all the hardware and packages from all the service providers in north america. Great site.

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