Thursday, July 24, 2008


Never heard such bitching in all my life. First the tree huggers whine about coal power and nuclear power. The provincial gov promises to get rid of the coal power, right. They couldn't build nuke plants fast enough to replace the coal plants that they wanted to shut down in the time frame outlined. Typical politician bs and everyone knew it. Can't put anymore hydro power in Ontario as they have every river and stream big enough for a turbine damed already.

Along comes the greenest power out there other than solar panels. Windmills. A few companies want to put wind farms in southwestern Ontario as we have good winds and flat land. Perfect for windmills and green power to boot. You would think everyone would be cheering left and right. Wrong. The first wind farm was going to go in the lake off shore like they do in Europe. Well the bitching started. "They are ugly", "They block my view of the lake", They will kill the fish". Gawd I never heard such crap in my life. It went downhill from there. These people want to spend millions to put these farms in to give us cleaner power and everyone lined up against them. "They will lower my property value", "They make too much noise", and my fav, "They will kill the birds".

Let me tell you if any bird flies into a windmill that has blades that are over 100' long they are just improving the gene pool. Noise??? There is no engine, it's a generator!!! A little whoop whoop whoop sound from the blades going around. And as for lowering the property value, well I guess they are still better than the polution from the coal plants. More people are coming around just to look at them, maybe a tourist attraction for an area that could use the traffic.

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FeyRhi said...

I have been up and close to the windmills when I visit my dad. Hell, I've been next to a field of them and they are vitually silent.
The same bitching is heard in the wine district in Niagara, where they use windmills to regulate the temprature in the vineyards.
Some people just like to bitch regardless of the facts.